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Searching for a new accountant in the Lehigh Valley can be difficult. You may have had a bad experience with a former accountant. You might be experiencing tax issues, financial pressures or have tax deadlines looming. Learning to trust someone new with your financial well-being is not easy.

Lone Wolf Solutions is a Lehigh Valley certified public accounting firm providing small business owners, service businesses, medical practices and professional practices with expert tax accounting and year-round business consulting services with a personal touch. After all, Rachel Wehr is the CPA that cares about you, your bottom line and your business.

Contact Rachel Wehr, CPA and learn how Lone Wolf Solutions can help you succeed. She offers small businesses and individuals a wide array of services:

More detailed information about all of Lone Wolf’s accounting and business support services can be found below.

Small Business and Individual Tax Preparation and Planning

Lone Wolf Solutions can prepare your tax returns—and help you plan ahead for tax time, too.

Business and Individual Income Tax Preparation

Lone Wolf Solutions prepares federal, state and local tax returns for business entities and individuals. Rachel ensures that you receive the highest deductions possible, minimizing your tax burden. Who wouldn’t want that?

Tax Planning

It’s not something most business owners think about very often. But tax planning can keep the government’s sticky fingers out of your wallet. Rachel helps small businesses and individuals keep more of what you make through tax planning strategies like reducing your taxable income, maximizing deductions and tax credits, retirement and investment planning and deferring income when appropriate.

IRS Problem Resolution

Owing the IRS money for tax issues is a serious problem. And it won’t just go away if you ignore it. Whether you have unfiled tax returns with past due balances, errors on your previous tax filings or you owe back taxes with interest and penalties that keep accruing, it’s something that can be resolved. Rachel helps you solve your tax problems by:

  • dealing with the IRS for you
  • minimizing the tax due
  • negotiating settlements and payment plans
  • explaining any remaining tax penalties and interest.

Small Business Support

From simple bookkeeping and payroll taxes to budget creation and financing for expansion, small business owners need support. Some need financial accounting-related assistance and some simply need to be able to ask questions. Rachel believes that there are no silly questions. Her clients find a special kind of relief in knowing that they can ask her anything at all.

When you work with Rachel, you get a problem-solver CPA. And if she can’t help you, she’ll tap into her network of experts to connect you with the right person.

While Lone Wolf Solutions does provide services on an as-needed basis, Rachel thinks support for your business should be simple. She offers business clients a Professional Service Agreement, which outlines all the certified public accounting services you’ll need in a year. It comes with Unlimited Access allowing you to call or email her as often as you need to—without any additional fees. If any other services are required outside of the agreement, she’ll let you know—up front—so there are no surprises. You’ll know exactly what your fees are for the entire year. You’ll even be able to break your yearly fee into affordable monthly or quarterly payments.

Lone Wolf Solutions offers all of the small business support services described below.

Payroll Tax Services

Payroll taxes are confusing with all of the federal categories, state taxes and local requirements. Lone Wolf takes this time-intensive problem off your hands and keeps you on the right side of the law, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

Sales Tax and Use Tax

There are no standards when it comes to sales and use taxes. Sales tax and use tax don’t apply to every business, so Lone Wolf Solutions does the research and advises you on how to collect those taxes—when they do apply to you and your customers. Rachel will obtain your license for you, teach you how to track the taxes and prepare and file those returns. And if you feel like you’d like to take on the filing challenge, she’ll train you so that you can do it yourself.


Correct bookkeeping keeps both you and your accountant happy. You’ll be able to see at a glance your cash flow and expenses and your accountant won’t need to sort through boxes of receipts to prepare your taxes. But bookkeeping takes time that you could use to grow your business. Lone Wolf Solutions can give you the freedom to do what you do best by taking over your bookkeeping.

Sage 50 (Peachtree) and QuickBooks Support and Training

Half the challenge of managing your business finances is in the proper set-up and use of your accounting software. Lone Wolf Solutions can get you set up and train you in the use of Sage 50 (Peachtree) or QuickBooks, as well as provide ongoing support when you have questions.

Financial Statements

Rachel takes the mystery out of financial statements. After she prepares the financials for you, she teaches you how to read them, what the numbers mean and how to get the most information out of them. She also prepares your financial statements for you when you need bank financing, or need to provide them to creditors or insurance companies.

Ratio Analysis and Industry Comps

Ratio analysis and industry comparisons help you see where you need to improve your business. Ratio analysis shows you how liquid your assets are and how easily you can pay off your debt in the next 12 months. Rachel compares these ratios and many others to similar businesses in your industry for you, giving you a clear picture of your business.

New Business Start-up Support and Services

When starting a business there are many technical aspects that an excited new business owner needs to consider. Lone Wolf Solutions helps new businesses take care of important things such as selecting the proper type of tax entity, getting you registered for your Tax ID numbers, informing you about the specific taxes you’ll need to pay and when they’re due, how to do your bookkeeping, and training you on your software. Rachel will show you how to keep your records, tell you what needs to be kept and for how long. She’ll take you through the process of how to budget, and she’ll make connections to other services you may need. Proper planning and a little bit of knowledge helps you on your way to long-term success.

Setting up a new business is a scary process—one for which most small business owners aren’t well-prepared. But you don’t need to face it on your own. Rachel will help you through it all, painlessly. And she’ll ensure that it’s done the right way—leaving you to focus on everything else you need to do.

Business Consulting Sounding Board for Business Owners

Every business owner needs a sounding board—someone you can turn to for ongoing support. Knowing you’re not alone gives you the confidence to take your business further. Rachel provides business owners with straightforward, no-nonsense answers to any question you have. Whether you need to know about hiring (or firing) employees, how to do a bank reconciliation or write off your car, she’s there for you. Rachel knows you’ll need advice and sometimes you’ll worry that your questions may seem—well—silly. But there are no silly questions.

When you need someone to help you set goals and hold you accountable, Rachel is your solution. As your sounding board, she’ll help you:

  • expand your business
  • set a budget
  • hire or fire employees
  • buy new equipment or a vehicle
  • prepare for financing
  • improve your bookkeeping practices
  • learn to do new or different things in your accounting software
  • make your business more efficient
  • save time and/or money
  • develop quarterly reviews of your accounting to keep your numbers accurate and then meet with you to review how your business did that quarter vs. your peers
  • stay sane with less stress.

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